Base Primary 1 registration solely on proximity

The recent announcement on balloting for Primary 1 admission into schools has raised an important question: Is there a better way of allocating children to primary schools (Computerised balloting to ease P1 registration stress; March 21)?

The only question we must ask ourselves is whether all schools are equal and good. If so, then the most logical and pragmatic solution will be to send every child to the primary school nearest to his home.

As we do not have a national examination before Primary 1, it makes sense to do this.

With this method, the moment a child is born, a place in the primary school nearest to his home can be allocated to him.

The Ministry of Education will then be able to implement measures early on if there is a shortage of places in certain areas or schools and the many phases of Primary 1 registration can be streamlined to just one: proximity.

With this system, all children will also be able to walk to school and there will also be a reduction in traffic jams in these areas.

Lim Poh Seng

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