Ban surrogacy to protect the interests of children and women

It is heartbreaking to learn that a precious life was artificially created at a price tag of US$200,000 (S$268,000) (Gay man fails to adopt child he had via surrogacy; Dec 28, 2017).

As a single woman, I, too, have a basic human need to love and be loved by a child.

However, I recognise that there is no right to a child, single or married. There is only the need and right of a child to a father and a mother.

A dual-sex union provides healthy male/female role modelling and establishes a template for a child's future relationships. Children require more than just love and stability. They thrive with a father and a mother.

In surrogacy, a child is treated as a commodity, intentionally separated from his biological mother.

It is most demeaning to a woman to be treated like an incubator. In surrogacy, women, usually of lower economic status, are exploited by wealthy clients.

The Government should enact laws to explicitly ban surrogacy to protect the interests of women and children.

Under the Adoption of Children Act, singles are allowed to adopt children. It is shocking to learn that same-sex couples have made use of this loophole to form a family as I touched on before in a letter last year (Adopted children deserve the best family environment too; Feb 9, 2017 ).

What is being done to address this issue?

Children are the most vulnerable members of our society. Their needs and rights should be put before the desires of adults.

As a citizen, I am committed to speak up for the children who have no voice.

Ho Lay Ping (Ms)

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