Awareness of legacy can inspire young hawkers to continue family business

To attract more young hawkers to take over their family business (Step up support for young hawkers, by Ms Andrea Ang; Aug 9), it would be helpful if they and their parents view this through the lens of family business succession planning and borrow some principles from there.

Narratives about the family business, such as stories of famous people who may have eaten at their stall, or of how the family had managed to beat the odds and turn the business around, could be a great motivational tool.

It would also help to build bonds and create a clear sense of purpose.

The next generation of hawkers would also appreciate that they are carrying on a family tradition, built on specific values, and that this comes with both great responsibility and honour.

There are faithful customers for whom savouring their hawker food has become a ritual, but this is entirely contingent upon these successors keeping alive their culinary traditions.

Singapore's hawker food heritage is an inextricable part of the Singapore narrative. Indeed, it will be a sad day when we no longer have our favourite local fare to savour.

Woon Wee Min

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