Awareness needed on food wastage

With the growth in purchasing power comes the tendency to overconsume, which leads to greater food wastage.

Organisations such as Food From The Heart and Food Bank Singapore have done a commendable job channelling unsold or unwanted food to the less fortunate.

As consumers, we must do our part to curb overconsumption and to minimise food wastage.

We can start by accepting "ugly" food when we shop for our groceries - businesses often throw out "unattractive" produce, even though a dent or a bump does not necessarily change the taste of a fruit or vegetable.

We can also shop smart by buying only what we need.

In restaurants, we can request a smaller portion if we cannot finish a big one.

Schools and families can place more emphasis on reducing food wastage.

Schools can include this topic in Character and Citizenship Education lessons or assembly talks.

At home, parents can be good role models and re-cook leftovers instead of throwing them away.

If children are brought up in an environment where wasting food is taboo, they will be less prone to wasting food.

Hopefully, with more awareness, Singaporeans will be more concerned about this matter and start to think before they throw.

Shannen Joelle Lim Rui Li, 15,

Secondary 4 student


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