Forum: Aspirations for the new decade

The dawn of a new decade renews hopes and aspirations, sparking the will and spirit of mankind to progress and chart new frontiers in the next chapter of the evolution of humanity.

Mankind has made extraordinary progress and achievements that were once considered beyond imagination.

The new possibilities are testimony to the strength of collective perseverance and resolve of the human spirit.

There have been many stories of the sacrifices, audacity and zeal of extraordinary people who have made a monumental impact on the lives of others.

Many acts of kindness, compassion and virtue reinforce the belief that the human spirit will always triumph over depravity.

This new decade presents the best opportunity for us to leave a legacy worth remembering in terms of righting wrongs, sharing values, extending kindness and being there for the needy.

Acts of valour and kindness create ripple effects with infinite possibilities that will change the future for all. That should be our call for action. It is a call that will transcend race, religion and nationality in a unifying bond with friendships built, values shared, causes interconnected, and faith and love reaffirmed.

Collins Chong Yew Keat

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