Arrangements for privacy constrained by infrastructure

We refer to Miss Tan Lin Neo Susan's letter (Hospitals can learn from hospices; Sept 15).

We wish to extend our condolences to Miss Tan and her family on the death of her mother.

We have contacted Miss Tan on her feedback.

We are mindful of a family's need to grieve in private when their loved one dies.

If a single room is available, it will be used to allow the family to do so. However, owing to our high bed-occupancy, such arrangements may not always be possible.

Our nurses had helped to dress Miss Tan's mother in her own clothes and covered her body with a blanket, leaving only the face exposed for viewing by the family.

We are sorry that this gave Miss Tan the wrong impression that her mother's body was only wrapped with a blanket.

We aim to preserve the dignity of patients who die in our hospital, and are sensitive to the need of the family for privacy.

Hence, provisions are made to ensure better experience, comfort and privacy as we renovate our wards and in planning facilities under the new Singapore General Hospital Campus Master Plan.

We seek the public's understanding, as these changes will take time.

In the meantime, we will do our best to facilitate the most appropriate arrangements within the constraints of our infrastructure.

Tracy Carol Ayre (Dr)
Chief Nurse
Singapore General Hospital

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