Appreciate local arts scene more

Nine out of 10 times, when I ask my classmates what they think of the film and music scene in Singapore, they would say things like "It's lousy" and "Singaporean actors don't know how to act".

However, I beg to differ.

Local films such as Ah Boys To Men and We Not Stupid are praised globally. Singers such as JJ Lin have also achieved great success both in Singapore and overseas.

There is a stigma surrounding the arts scene in Singapore, where parents and students think that it won't get you anywhere.

We have to appreciate the arts more. If even locals don't support local talent, how can Singapore's arts and media industry reach the overseas market?

We should increase platforms that can showcase our local films and talent, and increase our people's appreciation for the arts.

Teo Yin Yan, 15

Secondary 4 student

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