Announcements on trains and at stations serve a purpose

To some, the many announcements at MRT stations and on trains are unnecessary (Cut down on announcements at MRT stations and in trains too, by Mr Moiz Tyebally; Dec 28, 2017).

But to first-time visitors to Singapore, these announcements provide relevant information to help them get around the island via public transport.

Elderly passengers with poor eyesight rely on the announcements to keep track of where they are.

There is no denying that the trains, stations and surrounding areas are clean and pleasant because passengers are reminded not to eat or drink at such spots.

It is important to remind passengers of the appropriate way to act when they see suspicious-looking persons or unattended parcels or bags.

Warnings to be mindful of platform gaps are also helpful.

In view of these, I find that the frequency of announcements are acceptable and necessary.

Much as we would want to have a quieter ride, we must be empathetic towards others who find these announcements important and beneficial.

Jeffrey Law Lee Beng

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