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An encouraging step away from elitism

Some neighbourhood schools have joined the list of schools that are well sought after in Phase 1 of the Primary 1 registration exercise (Phase 1 sees eight schools fill up fast; July 1).

Is this a growing trend? Are parents finally letting go of the notion of elitism and "branded schools"?

I hope parents are more willing to take a step back and place their child's learning, and not just academic results, as priority.

A parent was quoted as saying that the school she picked for her children was near her father-in-law's house and that the children were comfortable with the environment around the school.

Familiarity provides a conducive learning area for the young ones. Being able to sleep in a little more and walk to school, rather than wake up early to travel to a far away branded school is also a benefit.

Ultimately though, a positive attitude towards learning and the motivation to strive for improvement is the most important thing; the choice of school is secondary.

Moh Tiang Xin, 16, Secondary 4 student

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