Allow use of 'non-compliant' e-scooters if speed is capped

While it is good that the Land Transport Authority (LTA) is capping the speed limit of e-scooters ("Riders capping e-scooter speed ahead of new rules"; Nov 28), consideration has to be given for e-scooters that have been bought before the regulations kick in.

Will users of such e-scooters be penalised if they limit the speed of the e-scooters on their own, even though these are on the LTA's list of non-compliant devices?

For devices that meet all the requirements except for speed, the LTA should mandate that users limit their speed instead of having these devices confiscated.

Penalties that are too harsh do not encourage the use of personal mobility devices.

There should also be an age limit for users of such devices.

A good idea would be to require people to pass an equivalent of the basic theory test in driving before they can ride one.

Soh Kar Chiang

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