Allow film on exiles, with state's account

I agree with Professor Kishore Mahbubani that the Media Development Authority (MDA) should be recognised and complimented for sponsoring a local movie that has touched hearts and minds ("MDA deserves a bouquet for taking a risk with 7 Letters"; last Saturday).

Hopefully, 7 Letters, like Ilo Ilo, will garner various local and international accolades.

It is unfortunate that MDA has prohibited the public screening of the award-winning documentary To Singapore With Love, due to its "one-sided" account.

The stories of political exiles are also part of the Singapore Story and deserve to be heard. Of course, whether or not they are to be believed is up to the viewer to decide.

Perhaps MDA could have allowed the film to be screened, and complemented this with the state's account of the chain of events, so that there is a balance of views.

Mohan Tamilmaran

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