All we want for Christmas is proper decor

I have great memories of Disney, but we should let the true meaning of Christmas shine, just like we do for the other religious or ethnic holidays (Orchard Road lights up with Disney magic for Christmas; Nov 11).

What is so valuable about the Christmas tradition? Christmas is about the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. That is its authentic, historical value.

So, the question is: Should we change our traditions to entertain our children or tourists? Or would soaking in those deeper traditions give substance to celebrations?

The Christmas tree is an ancient custom and a traditional Christian symbol of the "tree of life" in the Book of Genesis. Similarly, many other Christmas decorations have symbolic meaning.

Of course people may celebrate Christmas the way they want. The question I ask myself is: Would I want Disney-themed decorations in Little India for Deepavali, in Geylang Serai for Hari Raya, or in Chinatown for Chinese New Year? What happens to the significance of that festival?

Trisha A. Tan (Ms)

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