All PMDs should be electronically tagged

The recent incident where a pedestrian was injured by an e-scooter rider highlights the need for tougher measures, if not an outright ban, on personal mobility devices (PMDs) (Pedestrian hurt in e-scooter incident; June 29).

What is worse about this incident is that the rider fled the scene, leaving the injured woman lying on the grass.

The victim is now left with having to cope with her medical fees, not to mention the trauma and scars on her arms and leg.

Such incidents will only increase if riders are not effectively reined in.

I would like to offer a few suggestions to strengthen enforcement actions.

First, in addition to the current regulations, all PMDs, regardless of weight and power, should be licensed, and each PMD must have an e-identity device embedded in it before being sold.

Second, riders must be at least 18 years old, and can ride only licensed PMDs.

The elderly and young children are the most vulnerable to PMD riders who ride with no regard for the safety of others.

According to the Land Transport Authority (LTA), 128 accidents involving PMDs were reported last year. There may have been more incidents that went unreported too.

Tougher and more effective action is required if the LTA does not think an outright ban is feasible.

Andrew Seow Chwee Guan

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