All have part to play in ensuring seniors can continue working

Mr Simon Owen Khoo Kim San mentioned in yesterday's letter ("Ageism prevents seniors from continuing to work") that discriminatory practices at the workplace prevent seniors from working.

It is for this reason that the Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices (Tafep) works to raise awareness of the stereotypes surrounding older workers and how everyone needs to be aware of these stereotypes.

The key issue is mindset, not just of employers or older workers, but of everyone at the workplace.

Through our public campaigns, we want to remind everyone that ability is ageless.

Older workers have much to offer in the form of skills, experience and ability. They can contribute meaningfully, if given a chance.

Older workers can complement their younger counterparts at the workplace. Having a multi-generational workforce boosts innovation and creativity, aids in the attraction and retention of talent and increases employer branding.

Employers can do their part by making their workplaces more age friendly. This does not always involve spending considerable resources to redesign work spaces.

Employers can consider reviewing job scopes to redesign jobs and work processes, or put in place flexible work arrangements to meet the needs of older workers.

Tafep can assist employers to adopt age management practices at the workplace by providing advice, training and resources. Employers who need funding assistance can also tap the Workpro Job Redesign and Age Management grants.

Older workers need to also do their part to stay current with their skills and knowledge. They should remain open to training opportunities. They also need to be flexible and adaptable to remain employable.

If an employee or potential hire has faced discrimination at the workplace, Tafep can advise and assist him.

Let us all work together to allow our older workers to continue to contribute to the workplace, and work with dignity.

Roslyn Ten (Mrs)

General Manager

Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices

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