All have a part to play in ensuring fire safety

Ms Janis Soo Tah Ching's letter ("Don't take fire safety lightly"; last Thursday) is a good reminder to all Singaporeans of the importance of fire safety and prevention.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) conducts regular fire safety enforcement checks to ensure that fire safety standards are adhered to and potential fire hazards are detected and rectified.

Everyone has a part to play in fire safety. In this regard, useful information to educate the public on fire safety has been made widely available. For example, the Civil Defence Emergency Handbook can be downloaded from the SCDF website or the mySCDF mobile app.

The SCDF also leverages various platforms to disseminate fire safety advisories. These include radio broadcasts of fire safety messages during festive seasons, working with grassroots organisations to conduct home fire safety visits following a fire incident, and posting fire safety information on town council noticeboards located islandwide.

In addition, the SCDF partners the National Fire and Civil Emergency Preparedness Council to promote fire safety and emergency preparedness in our schools, homes, workplaces, as well as the commercial and industrial sectors.

The public can inform the SCDF of fire hazards by calling 1800-280-0000 or use the mySCDF app to submit photos and a description of the fire hazard.

Leslie Williams (Lieutenant-Colonel)

Assistant Director (Public Affairs Department)

Singapore Civil Defence Force

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