All complaints about lifts must be taken seriously

I was deeply disturbed by the report on the woman whose hand was severed while using a lift in an HDB block in Tah Ching Road ("Woman's hand severed in lift accident at HDB block"; last Saturday).

This is unimaginable in our safe and efficient country, and is something that causes great concern as the majority of our population live in HDB estates.

Ms Claire Seow, a resident in the block, had noticed the lift acting up over the past six months and had reported these problems to the town council several times.

If the root cause of the problem had been looked into and rectified, this unfortunate incident could have been avoided.

My family experienced a lift fault recently in our own block in Punggol Central.

The lift my wife was riding in stopped abruptly short of our floor in the middle of the night.

After being stuck for a while, the lift descended to the floor below.

Needless to say, she was terrified. I made a report to the town council immediately and was assured that its staff would look into it.

The next day, I heard the alarm bell for the same lift ringing continuously - other residents had got stuck in the lift when it stalled between floors. I called the town council again and was again told that the maintenance crew would be contacted.

If those in charge had taken my feedback the night before seriously and identified the fault, these other people would not have been trapped in a stuffy lift.

Lift maintenance crews must take each complaint seriously.

Residents do not report lift malfunctions on a whim, so each report should be investigated thoroughly.

We can only guess the effect the Tah Ching Road incident has on people. It is the town councils' duty to regain our confidence.

Ng Kei Yong

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