Airport-like checks at MRT stations an overreaction

Although efforts to boost security are laudable, I fail to see the rationale behind airport-like checks at MRT stations, given existing threat levels (Be ready for airport-like checks at some MRT stations; Nov 6).

I would support such drastic measures if there were confirmed intelligence of present dangers to our MRT stations.

If there are such threats, members of the public are entitled to know what they are.

However, such pre-emptive measures against unknown threats seem to fly in the face of advice often doled out - that we should stand firm against all terrorist threats by carrying on with our normal activities, and any sign of being intimidated is a victory for those who are out to terrorise us.

This leads to the question of whether the Government is "paranoid" enough to put tens of thousands of daily commuters through such an inconvenience during peak hours based solely on the reason of enhanced security.

Isn't this a sign that we are somehow succumbing to the threats of the terrorists, and that they have already won the psychological war before the actual battle has begun?

We must not forget the fact that we live in a densely populated city where every crowded place could be a potential target.

We should be cautious when it comes to security but refrain from overreacting to the extent that it puts an unnecessary strain on our daily activities.

Seah Yam Meng

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