AED signs internationally recognised

Mr Ho San Cheow is correct to say that messages for public education should be kept simple ("Keeping messages simple can save lives"; Feb 2). But more importantly, the choice of words should be precise.

"Automated External Defibrillator" is a specific technical term that is commonly understood and simply known as "AED" to most people.

An AED is a small portable electrical device that automatically analyses potentially life threatening cardiac rhythms in a patient, and treats him by defibrillation - the application of an electrical shock, to allow the heart to re-establish normal rhythms.

The term "Heart Machine" or "Heart Saver" does not accurately define what an AED is.

The AED initials and the logos are internationally understood and recognised.

Locally, in accordance with the National Resuscitation Council's Operations Guidelines, AED owners are advised to mount an AED signage above them.

This is to ensure that the AED is visible and easily accessible.

Vernon Kang

Chief Executive Officer

Singapore Heart Foundation

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