Admin fee covers additional costs incurred for ERP violations

Electronic road pricing (ERP) gantry near Boat Quay.
Electronic road pricing (ERP) gantry near Boat Quay.PHOTO: ST FILE

We thank Mr Pavithran Vidyadharan (Give 48-hour grace period to settle ERP violations, April 11) and Mr David Tan Cheng Peng (Make ERP payment system more efficient with grace period, April 13) for their letters on providing a 48-hour grace period for Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) violations.

Motorists are required to pay the relevant ERP charges when they pass through the ERP gantry.

The Land Transport Authority incurs additional costs in collecting outstanding ERP charges from motorists who fail to do so.

The administrative fee is intended to cover these additional costs, so that they are not passed on to taxpayers.

Apart from using physical stored value cards, motorists can choose to pay their ERP charges via EZ-Pay, vCashCard or MotorPay.

With these services, motorists no longer need to insert their stored value cards into their in-vehicle units (IUs) as the ERP transactions will be charged directly to their bank cards.

Owners of vehicles with dual-mode IUs may also sign up for services such as EZ-Reload to automatically top up their stored value cards.

More information on these services is available on the OneMotoring website (

Grace Ong

Director, Transportation Technology

Land Transport Authority

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