ActiveSG credits - a one-off incentive to get S'poreans started

We thank Mr Kenneth Tan for sharing his thoughts on our ActiveSG credit scheme (Top up ActiveSG credits; Nov 27).

ActiveSG credits were introduced during the launch of ActiveSG in 2014. When we gave all Singaporeans $100 ActiveSG credits, it was, and still remains, a one-off incentive to raise awareness and encourage people to embrace an active lifestyle.

We then kept the pricing of our facilities and programmes affordable, and created many new programmes for all ages and abilities at our sport centres and beyond.

We are delighted that the scheme has encouraged many Singaporeans to start or increase their participation in sport and physical activity.

We believe that requiring co-payment in some instances has continued to engender ownership and an appreciation of the value of the programmes offered.

It also incentivises our service delivery partners to continue investing in improving the quality of the impact and experience they are curating.

The ActiveSG credits system continues to be an important platform to creatively market and incentivise all of us to live better through sport and physical activity.

We have introduced opportunities for ActiveSG members to earn credits through participation in games and we will be rolling out much more in due course.

We are keen to deploy the scheme to engage Singaporeans so that they will know more about what is on offer and how fun and accessible it is to be active with family, friends and colleagues.

Your active lifestyle will also avail you to more chances to earn new credits and provide us useful insight as to how to better serve your wants and needs.

Lai Chin Kwang

Chief, ActiveSG

Sport Singapore

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