Forum: Abolish the printing of AGM reports to save money, paper and energy

Every day, we read about the Government's various initiatives to go green, reduce carbon footprint and cut waste generated in Singapore.

I suggest that the practice of delivering hard copies of the annual general meeting (AGM) reports of companies and reports by the Management Corporation Strata Title ( MCST) of condominiums be abolished immediately.

Shareholders of companies and condo residents receive attractively bound AGM reports containing between 100 and 300 pages which most recipients hardly read.

For example, when I asked a condo resident about the MCST's AGM report, he told me that he did not look at it and eventually threw it away. And when I asked a friend residing in another condo to give me his MCST's AGM report, he had to take time to search for it and eventually handed it to me in an unopened envelope.

The total cost to an MCST of a condo with around 700 units for printing, binding and delivering the reports is around $4,000 annually. This cost is likely to be much higher for companies doing the same.

If these reports are sent via e-mail instead, it would save money, paper and energy consumption.

P. P. Menon

A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Straits Times on November 15, 2019, with the headline 'Abolish the printing of AGM reports to save money, paper and energy'. Subscribe