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A vision of a better Malaysia

It is undeniable that Malaysia was built on the "blood and sweat of our freedom fighters", as Prime Minister Najib Razak has said ("Najib says Bersih rally participants 'shallow and poor' in patriotism"; ST Online, last Saturday).

For those who participated in Bersih, the struggle is real ("Bersih supporters turn KL roads into seas of yellow"; Sunday). The crowd in yellow sought the representative democracy, transparency, equity and freedom that they felt they were deprived of.

Every citizen is concerned for his country's independence and future. It is precisely because of their vision of a better future that they fight for this cause.

Umno had its glory days. If Umno governed wisely and effectively, there would be little opposition to it. But now, charges of mishandling funds and donations are rampant.

Singapore managed to achieve First World status in a mere 50 years through "discipline" under the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

Perhaps Malaysia should review its own "discipline". It is still not too late to craft a vision of a better future with economic prosperity and social stability.

Yap Dian Ang, 18,
Senior High 2 student


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