A part for everyone in saving water

I did not realise how low the water level of Johor's Linggiu Reservoir was until I saw a photograph of the exposed shoreline of the reservoir compared with that of the reservoir when it is full ("PM Lee urges S'poreans to use water wisely, avoid waste and recycle"; last Thursday).

It is a reminder that our country is vulnerable to water shortage.

Everyone should play a part to conserve water.

At home, we should not take baths, but take short showers instead. When we shower, we should turn the water off when applying soap. We should use a cup when we brush our teeth. When we wash our cars, we should use a bucket instead of a hose.

In school, we should use the half-flush after using the toilet. If there is a leaking tap, we should alert the teacher. When we refill our water bottles at the water cooler, we should take only what we need.

As children of Singapore, we are very fortunate never to have experienced the inconvenience of water rationing. I hope we will never know what it is like to be unable to get water when we need it.

Charmaine Wong Yu Xin, 10,

Primary 5 pupil

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