A 'no nuts' decision could be start of ban on other foods

I can fully appreciate the points of view of both Dr Yik Keng Yeong (No need to be draconian over allergen sensitivity; July 22) and Mrs Jaya Mohideen (Allergies can be life-or-death matter; July 24).

While Dr Yik feels that stopping the serving of nuts on flights is a knee-jerk reaction to a rare occurrence, Mrs Mohideen holds the view that the potential threat to any person's life should justify such a ban.

Nearly any food can cause an allergic reaction. People can be allergic to milk, eggs, shellfish, soy, wheat and other grains.

Why should someone who is allergic to eggs be any less deserving of an allergen-free flight compared with someone with a nut allergy?

The airline should consider this issue from all angles carefully before making a decision. It should focus its efforts on identifying people with allergies and taking preventative measures before they board the plane.

Kevin Sng

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