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A meritocratic society must also help those falling behind

Meritocracy is a key pillar of a progressive society, and we should commend and reward those who stand out on the basis of their talents, hard work and results (Develop a S'pore brand of meritocracy: Masagos; May 15).

However, meritocracy should not be based on forging ahead at the expense of others, and neither should it be about achieving a higher position and leaving others behind.

Those who are ahead should continue to help others who are falling behind for whatever reasons, and help them improve themselves to achieve a better future.

There should be different tracks to help every person achieve success.

If a person is a late developer or has been sidetracked in his youth, he should be able to rejoin the others, pursue different careers and be successful later in life.

The purpose of meritocracy is to unite, not divide, people and advance their interests instead of serving any personal or partisan interests.

We should build a meritocracy of hope for everybody and not one of condemnation.

Patrick Liew Siow Gian (Dr)

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