Forum: Key human resource positions should be held by Singaporeans

People cross a road in the Central Business District on July 16, 2020.
People cross a road in the Central Business District on July 16, 2020.ST PHOTO: MARK CHEONG

Any critical department of an organisation that has a high concentration of foreigners of one nationality - say, more than 50 per cent - opens itself to risk of potential bias (Singaporeans willing and able to fill most PMET jobs, by Mr Colin Loh Yoon Fui, Aug 8).

For a company to have foreign nationals from the same country comprise a vast majority of its professional, manager, executive and technician (PMET) workforce would border on negligence.

It is important that any vital department within an organisation be staffed by a majority of Singaporeans. If that is not possible, then it should have no more than 30 per cent of any one foreign nationality.

This is not about discrimination. This is just common sense. Diversity is strength, and an overdependence on any one group is a weakness.

To ensure that Singaporeans are given a fair shot at a job being advertised, it should be mandatory for key positions within the human resource department to be held by Singaporeans.

Companies play an important role in supporting and strengthening the social fabric of our community.

The tolerant and harmonious nature of our multiracial, multi-religious society is what attracted foreigners and foreign corporations to Singapore's shores in the first place. It is a delicate balance that should not be upset, or it will cause distress in our society and that would in turn affect foreigners negatively.

Anthony C.H. Leong

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