Forum: Ideas to boost food security in Singapore

The community garden at Jurong Lake Gardens.
The community garden at Jurong Lake Gardens.ST PHOTO: ALPHONSUS CHERN

More can be done by the Government in relation to the announcement to meet Singapore's nutritional needs (S'pore sets 30% goal for home-grown food by 2030, March 8, 2019).

First, give Singaporeans the authority and incentive to produce their own food. Given the advancements in food-producing technology, would it not be possible for the Government to include incentives to encourage Singapore households to grow vegetables at home?

The Government could provide funding, like a $100 credit, for households to build their own hydroponic vegetable garden at home.

This would be more viable than providing grants just for farmers to grow more vegetables, given the high cost of operation.

Second, land such as corridors along drainage and mass transit links is not utilised for any purpose.

It would be useful to open up this land for people to do something such as tending community farms, rather than leave it vacant.

Third, the National Parks Board should look into growing more fruit trees and trees whose parts can be used as food, instead of ornamental trees, in Singapore. This would include the moringa tree, whose leaves have good nutritional value.

In times of trouble, this would provide an additional food source for the population.

I hope the authorities will consider these options in its food strategy.

David Cheong

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