Good time to review our lifestyles

As entertainment venues shutter and social distancing becomes the mantra to live by, there is no better time for people to pause and give thought to the things that truly matter.

Covid-19 is going to be around for a while, at least, and we need to formulate ways to co-exist with it. That means crafting new habits and fresh routines.

A friend said he finally found time to call people he had not spoken to in 20 years.

With the slowdown, perhaps it is a good time to reach out to those we have failed to stay in touch with - not in person but over the telephone, following the latest government advice.

This is also a time to think about living with less. If hoarding has been an unappeasable habit, the thought of ridding harmful living organisms among copious household possessions should motivate us to declutter with enthusiasm.

Previously spoilt with options, we now have fewer choices on what to purchase, where to venture and how to utilise our time.

This is a time to pursue simplicity that's been lost in our world of commercialism and busyness.

Like climate change, the Covid-19 virus appears to be retaliation from nature for our increasing encroachment. We could take this time to review our consumption habits.

Put together, contemplation and simplicity effuses calm, and there is no greater call for calm than the throes of a storm.

Hopefully, when this storm passes and the clouds lift, the worthy aspects of this new lifestyle we learn to embrace now will be aspects we sustain.

Lily Ong

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