Get big corporations and tycoons to back local football teams

I agree with Mr Lawrence Law Cher Khiam that success in today's football hinges largely on the infusion of huge money, which is clearly exemplified in Manchester City's case (Singapore Premier League needs big money if it is to succeed; April 11).

In order for our league to have better chances of success, we should emulate Japan's example back in the early 90s, when each big Japanese corporation would back a J-League team.

Perhaps our government-linked companies could consider backing one league team in Singapore and be given co-naming rights. For example, Tampines Rovers could be renamed Singtel-Tampines Rovers, Geylang International could be renamed SIA-Geylang International and so on.

In addition to engaging government-linked companies, we could also approach people like billionaire Peter Lim, who is passionate about football and who has a track record of making football-related investments.

Sebastian Tan Gee How