Forum: Worried about carbon monoxide levels at Woodlands Checkpoint

I think it is time the relevant authorities install carbon monoxide detectors at key spots at the Woodlands Checkpoint.

There were several instances when I felt nauseous when I got out of my car to assist the security officers to check the vehicle's boot at the Causeway.

I wonder how these security officers feel about being subjected to such an environment continuously for hours every day.

Carbon monoxide is a toxic gas that kills humans and animals by binding with the oxygen-carrying haemoglobin in the blood.

Inhaling carbon monoxide at high concentrations can be fatal because this hinders the transportation of oxygen in the blood around the body.

One cannot see or smell the gas, which makes it even more dangerous. It can infiltrate our environment without one ever knowing until symptoms strike.

How can carbon monoxide poisoning be prevented? It is hard to do so, especially at areas like the Causeway checkpoint where car engines are running all the time.

The next best thing is to have proper ventilation and to install warning devices that will sound when the levels of carbon monoxide are high.

I suggest that large fans be installed to blow away the carbon monoxide from the exhaust.

Right now there are standing fans, and I notice that the security officers stand in front of the fans after inspecting every two or three cars. But is that sufficient?

Ramoo Puru

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