Forum: What a mess outgoing Singapore Athletics committee has left behind

As a long-time follower of the athletics scene in Singapore, I am stunned that Singapore Athletics' (SA) outgoing management committee kicked off - on the last day of its tenure - disciplinary proceedings against marathoner Soh Rui Yong (Soh charged over posts, Sept 28).

I am puzzled that Soh was accused of breaching the code of conduct as early as Aug 2 last year, and then was said to have done so again on a few occasions till Jan 17 before Singapore Athletics finally took him to task last week. Shouldn't Singapore Athletics have acted earlier in August last year when the breaches first began?

To me, Soh, a two-time SEA Games marathon gold medallist, is somewhat of a maverick and should be treated differently, even though I do not agree with some of his antics.

I also cannot reconcile Singapore Athletics' latest action against him with the farewell message by outgoing president Tang Weng Fei to the athletics community just a few days before.

He said: "SA's priority should always be our athletes" (Humbled, grateful to win, Sept 26).

The outgoing SA management committee has made a mess of its relationship with athletes and coaches, and is now passing on one more mess to the new committee to deal with.

Newly elected Lien Choong Luen and his team will indeed have a challenging term ahead, and the community should wish them well.

Chia Hearn Kok