Forum: Wearing gloves reduces infection risk from touchscreens

I feel protected by wearing a glove when touching lift buttons, door handles and touchscreens (Virus risk on touchscreens, by Mr Chai Kok Hong, May 1).

Even after just a short journey to the supermarket, I am shocked by the amount of dirt collected on the glove's fingertips.

The possibility of an infected person passing the virus on to someone else who touches the same item he touched has been highlighted by others.

I have noticed that many news reporters from media outlets such as CNN wear gloves.

I do take extra care when wearing my gloves, which are the cheap cotton type. I don't touch my face when I'm wearing them, and take them off carefully.

I wash them regularly, and check that there are no tears.

I have been wearing them daily during the circuit breaker and ignoring the Michael Jackson jibes.

William Shon Laird