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Don't spread fear or fake news

The fear and anxiety over the Covid-19 pandemic has led to countless Singaporeans doing undesirable things, such as panic buying and spreading fake news.

Such actions are unnecessary and unacceptable. Our behaviour may have even made the situation worse.

During this critical period, we must keep our cool and not resort to acting on our instincts. Singaporeans should look up facts online and put their trust in the Government. One should avoid spreading fake news and avoid joining in any activity that may cause fear among the public.

Goh Jun Ci, 15

Secondary 4 student

Encouragement boards at Community Centres

Many Singaporeans may be concerned about the severity of the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact around the world. Also, the number of fatalities linked to the virus has been increasing rapidly, which has resulted in stress and uncertainty among the public.

To spread positivity to one another during this period, perhaps encouragement boards could be set up at community centres. On them, people can write notes of encouragement to fellow Singaporeans, to motivate one another to persevere through the crisis.

We can also share our personal stories on the Covid-19 situation, such as how it has affected our lives and what we have done to get through this period. By sharing our stories and reading those of other Singaporeans, we will feel a sense of belonging to the community, which strengthens our bonds.

Hopefully, the encouragement boards will also help Singaporeans to recognise that no one is alone in this crisis, and that we can overcome this with mutual help and support.

Amanda Ong Ee Ying, 21