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Give talks on Covid-19

As Covid-19 cases continue to increase around the world, it is important to provide accurate information about the disease. This will help people adopt effective safety precautions and be less vulnerable to believing common myths.

Perhaps one way Singapore can tackle misinformation on Covid-19 is to give talks in local institutions. For example, volunteers can be recruited to conduct information sessions in schools, where they share important facts regarding the coronavirus, including how it spreads and the necessary safety precautions.

It is also important for these talks to address commonly held myths about the virus. Some examples include the false belief that eating garlic or applying sesame oil can kill the virus, or that high doses of vitamin C can prevent an infection.

In these talks, there can also be a question-and-answer session at the end, where students and teachers can ask questions and clarify their concerns regarding the virus.

Pamphlets can be given out at the end of the talk, so that students can retain the information they have learnt about the virus. They can also show their family and friends the pamphlets, while sharing with them what they have learnt about Covid-19 in school.

These talks will help Singaporeans to be more alert against fake news. This increases the likelihood of them adopting effective precautions to safeguard themselves and others against the virus.

Amanda Ong Ee Ying, 21


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