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Fine those who use phone crossing road

The topic of whether the use of mobile devices while crossing the road should be regulated has been discussed many times.

Some suggest that turning it into a law is too austere. Others say a ban is necessary to ensure the safety of everyone.

Pedestrians play a significant role in road safety. Thus, imposing a fine on errant pedestrians is reasonable.

Most accidents happen due to carelessness, or people behaving badly or selfishly. Any small form of regulation will improve road safety.

Yuki Chew Min Er, 15

Secondary 4 student


Use of PMDs could benefit villagers

Instead of simply disposing of personal mobility devices (PMDs), we could donate

them to other countries where people may find better uses for them.

On a recent trip to Cambodia, I learnt that many patients had to walk long distances (almost five hours in one case) to reach the clinic that we had set up.

PMDs could improve the quality of life of villagers in remote areas tremendously by allowing them to access basic services such as healthcare more easily.

Sheena Lim, 19

Year 1 university student


Let River Hongbao end on a Sunday

This year's River Hongbao will start on Jan 23 and end on Feb 1, a Saturday.

Why end on a Saturday?

One year, I visited the River Hongbao on a Sunday and it was closed. The decorations were still up but the area was in darkness. I was very disappointed and the people around me seemed to feel the same.

With the massive logistics put in and big amount of money spent, how much more will it

cost if the event is extended by a day?

I urge the organiser to extend this year's River Hongbao celebration to end on Feb 2 so that more people can attend it as Sunday is a rest day.

Tan Yuqing, 18

Polytechnic Year 2 Student

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