Forum: Virus outbreak: What can be improved


There should be a 24-hour centralised hotline manned by trained personnel to answer queries from the public on the virus.

To my knowledge, there are two numbers to contact, one at the Ministry of Manpower and the other at the Ministry of Health, neither of which operates 24 hours a day.

Foo Sing Kheng


The virus has revealed the extent of Singapore's infamous "kiasu-ism" (fear of losing).

Herd mentality has led to some wearing masks for the wrong reasons. Unlike the Japanese, Singaporeans do not traditionally wear masks when they are unwell. It seems as though those wearing masks are motivated not to protect others, but to protect themselves.

Common sense prevailed only when the Government intervened to drive home the simple message: Wear a mask only if one is unwell.

I hope that when this crisis is over, the civic-minded habit of wearing masks when one is unwell will prevail.

Tony Tan Song Huat


I am deeply concerned for security staff at Changi Airport who are handling dozens, if not hundreds, of passports and boarding passes each shift.

It does not strike me as absolutely essential for the staff to touch these documents - which are difficult to disinfect without special equipment - in order to perform their duties.

Instead, instruct travellers to hold their documents for visual inspection or hold them under or on scanners, without needing staff to touch these documents. This would make it easier for staff to perform their duties with peace of mind, and decrease, however slightly, the risk of virus transmission during this period.

As a frequent traveller and concerned citizen, I urge the authorities to re-examine current practices for ways to improve safety and increase peace of mind for the staff and travellers who continue to make use of Singapore's world-class airport.

Alan K. Koh (Dr)

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