Forum: Use tracking wristbands for contact tracing

Looking ahead, the current SafeEntry digital check-in system will be too cumbersome when all retail shops are open (Quicker way to check in and out with updated SingPass app, May 21). Imagine having to scan in and out at every shop in a mall when you go window shopping. It is not practical.

I suggest the Government issue a wristband with a radio frequency identification or RFID chip embedded in it to everyone in Singapore, and require shops to install a detector at their entrance to sense each customer's entry and exit.

This will provide precise information to aid in contact tracing should a virus case emerge.

Obviously, privacy protection issues need to be worked out. The band should contain only the minimal personal information needed to aid contact tracing.

If privacy concerns override community health protection concerns, then have the more vulnerable groups wear such bands, and make the bands available to others who choose to be more socially responsible.

This will be a big help to our seniors who struggle with the current SafeEntry system.

Wes Yong Yoke Teck

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