Forum: US should focus on solving its domestic issues

During the Covid-19 pandemic, countries and corporations should reflect on the dysfunctional political system in the United States (China v the world: Is it wise to keep feeding the crocodile?, by Mr Tan Eng Tat, May 6).

The US President frequently makes hyperbolic and provocative statements, and condemns the United Nations and the World Health Organisation.

He also indulges in blame-game politics to distract nations at a time when the world needs unity to tackle the crisis and also for economies to recover.

And while all these diversions are taking place, thousands in the US are dying from Covid-19.

The US should focus on solving its domestic issues, instead of telling other countries how to manage themselves.

China may not be a perfect country, but even Western scholars have acknowledged how millions of Chinese have been lifted out of poverty in less than four decades.

Although China seeks a peaceful rise, it should not have to tolerate bullying and being turned into a bogeyman to make up for another big power's incompetence and failures.

It is naive to believe that any country would not leverage its economic strength to benefit itself and its people.

Chan Chew Peng