Forum: Two areas which need stricter mask enforcement

I wish to highlight two areas where the wearing of face masks is not being strictly adhered to. This problem, if left unchecked, could get worse.

I live in a Housing Board flat and I regularly encounter people not wearing face masks in the lift.

There are posters in the lifts emphasising the 1m safe distance. But since HDB lifts are small, safe distancing is almost impossible.

It might make more sense to have posters reminding people that it is compulsory to wear face masks in the lift, and that non-compliance could result in a fine.

While I see passengers in trains wearing face masks, the same is not always the case on the buses I have taken, which is the second area of concern.

Recently, I encountered a man who did not wear a mask on the bus and donned it only as he was about to alight.

Clearly, he felt there was a slim chance of being caught without a mask on board a bus.

I have also seen bus passengers removing their face mask while talking on the phone.

Hardly anyone notices these rule-breakers as, unlike in trains, passengers on a bus sit facing the front.

As lifts and buses are all confined spaces, the wearing of a face mask in these areas is especially important.

Cases of people being prosecuted for not wearing a mask in a lift or on a bus have not been reported, and this could be a reason why people take it lightly.

If the problem is not tackled, this non-conformance could spread.

Tan Sze Hai

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