Forum: Truth is important during a pandemic

In this current viral outbreak, there has been discussion about whether governing bodies have been responding on the basis of science, or on the basis of political and economic concerns.

We need to look at the need to uphold moral values in the management of this problem.

Health specialists involved in past pandemics have been asked what they consider the most important lesson they have learnt in dealing with past crises. Their answer: Tell the truth to the people and manage on the basis of the truth.

Not disclosing the truth or the whole truth, and rationalising or putting personal or national interests above the interests of others in a society or country would invariably lead to widespread disaster.

Unfortunately, we see that the truth is not being communicated in many places around the world during the current pandemic.

People in authority are dismissing the facts and reality of a situation in order to remain popular or in power, which is not helpful. The abundance of fake news, as well as people taking advantage of fake news to exploit others, is disgraceful.

Quek Koh Choon (Dr)

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