Forum: Tough action the way to deal with noisy neighbours

The report ('Neighbours from hell' move out, ending years of dispute, March 1) captured succinctly how miserable life can be when one has inconsiderate neighbours.

An aunt of mine is one such victim.

When I visited her recently to celebrate her 70th birthday, she was looking more frail than usual.

She attributed her condition to her inability to sleep at night because of her noisy neighbours on the floor above.

On many days, she would hear them stomping around, vacuuming the house and noisily dragging furniture at about midnight.

She has called the police many times; court mediation was suggested but, still, no results have been reached. It saddens me to see her in such a state.

I wish the authorities would start imposing fines or issuing stern warnings to nuisance neighbours, as well as threatening them with actions such as eviction or withdrawal of their employment pass or permanent resident status, if applicable, when they fail to comply with warnings.

The authorities need to do more than ask victims to monitor the situation.

Tan Poo Neo

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