Forum: Total number of Covid-19 cases remains a concern

We are fortunate to have a robust and good healthcare system with dedicated workers. While Professor Walter Woon Cheong Ming suggests in his Forum letter that the number of deaths from Covid-19 is a more meaningful statistic than the number of cases reported, if we look at the total number of confirmed cases, we have already surpassed South Korea (Focus on number of deaths, not number of confirmed cases, April 23).

Now our numbers are higher on a per capita basis compared with those of much larger countries.

I am concerned whether our hospitals and healthcare workers can cope; medical care for Singaporeans who need it should not be compromised during this time.

Many of us are dismayed that the authorities have had to pour in so many resources to house and feed foreign workers, as well as subsidise their employers, as a result of the widespread infections among this group.

As Singapore gears towards opening up the economy, we need to look beyond Singapore. Our total number of confirmed cases might be so high that other countries might deny Singaporeans entry. We would have to find ways to engage with foreign governments to reassure them.

Finally, I applaud the authorities' efforts to deal with people who refuse to wear masks in public. They could consider looking also at those living in private housing estates. I have repeatedly witnessed some residents not following safety rules while just walking around or smoking in common spaces.

Tan Puay Tiang