Forum: The power of pushing one's own boundaries to improve oneself

Life coach Grace Lee's story is inspiring, even more so the notion of pushing one's own boundaries to improve oneself every day (She battled loneliness but now reaches out to others, Sept 10).

In his best-selling autobiography Can't Hurt Me: Master Your Mind And Defy the Odds, American life coach and endurance athlete David Goggins relates the remarkable story of how he triumphed over a series of bad hands dealt to him early in his life - he was raised by a single mother, had poor self-image issues, and faced poverty, prejudice and physical abuse - to turn his life around and realise his full potential.

He also talks about how any individual can have the clarity and tools to push boundaries and overcome his own "hard ceilings" - circumstances that we perceive to limit our ability to achieve what we want in life.

Indeed, Ms Lee's spirit of pushing boundaries to improve herself every day is something all of us can emulate and learn from, especially during these unprecedented times.

Woon Wee Min

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