Forum: 'Talking about death' project a laudable piece of work

The project undertaken by students from the Nanyang Technological University on the campaign to encourage family members to talk about death and the subsequent arrangements deserves praise (Families talk about death over dinner in NTU video project, Feb 2).

For many Asian families, talking about death is taboo even though we all know that

eventually we will meet our maker.

Deep-seated cultural prejudices do not encourage the discussion of death, even among family members.

It is ironic. We hope to leave the world peacefully, leaving no worries to ourselves and our family members. Yet, we try not to discuss this important issue even near our impending death.

If, as adults and parents, we do not broach this matter, our children would be even more uncomfortable bringing it up.

They will feel that they are not being filial if they were to discuss their parents' death.

I think it is essential and responsible for all adults to talk about what they wish to be done in the event of incapacity or even death.

Quarrels and unhappiness could be avoided among the remaining family members if clear instructions have been given.

Your family members will not be able to second-guess your wishes.

Foo Sing Kheng