Forum: Swift punishment for rule-breakers will send strong message

We should listen to the experts who caution against complacency (S'poreans should not let guard down against virus: Experts, Sept 1).

Parks or beaches are replete with careless people not adhering to safe distancing rules. Some hop onto escalators without maintaining a safe distance from others.

Fatigue has been cited as one factor leading to this situation. But a bigger contributing factor is the lack of reports of people being fined for flouting the rules.

Urging people to behave has its limits, and punishment should be handed out soon after offences are reported to the public.

Case in point: A video of the drink sampling incident involving two teens went viral in February, but the boys were sentenced to probation only last Thursday (Probation for two teens in drink sampling case at supermarket, Aug 28). Such delayed punishments hardly make anyone sit up.

If it is frequently reported that those not wearing masks or those gathering in groups of more than five are being fined, it surely will impress upon Singaporeans that the authorities mean business.

Phillip Tan Fong Lip

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