Forum: Support teachers' efforts to conduct home-based learning

I refer to the letters by Mr Alex Tay and Mr Neo Boon Chye (Simulate classroom environment for home-based learning, April 11; and Educate teachers on proper use of video conferencing tools, April 13).

Technology, as Mr Neo put it, is a "double-edged sword". But it does come with great functions that can boost the quality of lessons that teachers conduct online.

However, let us give credit where credit is due.

Amid the current circuit breaker period to contain the coronavirus outbreak, the learning curve for home-based learning has been tremendous for many teachers.

It has not been easy to come up with assignment tasks and videos on an online platform, let alone conduct lessons virtually. No doubt there is a pressing need to evolve, but let us appreciate the efforts being made by all teachers.

Extra encouragement should be given to the teachers who may struggle with technology, given their more traditional teaching styles. Let us applaud their courage in taking on this daunting task, especially after the hijacking incident on video-conferencing platform Zoom last week.

Yes, the system is not perfect. But instead of griping and passing comments that do not help our children in their home-based learning, why not offer teachers support and help them in their role to educate our children?

Just as parents are juggling working from home and taking care of their children, teachers are also grappling with changes to how they conduct their lessons.

During the circuit breaker period, let us guide our children, answer their questions on behalf of teachers, and remember that hiccups are inevitable.

After all, do we want to see excellent teachers leaving the teaching force after the home-based learning period because of a lack of appreciation from parents and students?

I certainly don't.

Indra Gen