Forum: Still no satisfactory solution for neighbour disputes

The residents in the two high-profile cases of neighbour disturbances can finally heave a sigh of relief and celebrate their well-deserved peace of mind ('Neighbours from hell' move out, ending years of dispute, March 1).

However, there are still many unsettled cases of harassment by neighbours which have not been exposed by long-suffering residents, for fear of hell let loose by the offending family.

A friend of mine went to the town council to report on his neighbour upstairs, about the thumping sound from the flat above which

is audible from the kitchen right to the hall and into the rooms.

The racket starts in the morning and continues till after 10pm.

The solution proposed by the town council official was: "The two families need more bonding. Come and join us in the bonding sessions."

With or without bonding, any civilised Singaporean should have basic consideration for others.

Does every case need to be brought to court in order to be resolved?

Even by involving the police, the case remains unresolved.

Perhaps a more stringent and effective standard operating procedure should be laid out for suffering families to seek resolution.

At the same time, stricter legal action should be imposed on offending families to deter future harassment.

Christony Lau Pet Keong

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