Forum: Small landlords need more help during pandemic

I am retired, and own a small shophouse which is rented by a restaurant. The rental is my only source of income.

As the food and beverage industry has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, my tenant has difficulties paying me the rental.

I have passed on the property tax rebate I received from the Government in full to him. He used the property tax rebate to offset the rental. I am prepared to reduce the rental to lighten his load in running the business. However, he is still unable to pay the rental even if it is reduced.

I will be plunged into the deep end if I continue to receive no rental income for a prolonged period.

I need the income to pay for my daily expenses, utility bills, income tax and property tax. I

received a two-month deposit from the tenant, but it cannot tide me over the trying period as I have used most of it for the repair and maintenance of the shophouse.

I applaud the Government for its generous assistance to support workers, businesses and needy families through the Unity Budget, Resilience Budget, Solidarity Budget and the additional funding for the extended circuit breaker period.

I request that the Government provide more support to small landlords during this period.

Ong Khin Oon

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