Forum: Singaporeans' complacency towards Covid-19 worrisome

Singaporeans should be worried that, as businesses and schools reopen and activities resume in our country, many people seem to be oblivious to the dangers of Covid-19 (Covid-19 crisis fatigue: 'We forgot about Dorscon orange', June 28).

The daily number of new cases remains above 100, and the number of cases in the community has hardly diminished.

Also, we are reminded daily that the pandemic is gaining momentum in many parts of the world and has entered "a new and dangerous phase", according to the World Health Organisation (Pandemic accelerating in new, dangerous phase: WHO, June 21).

Why this complacency and lowered vigilance towards Covid-19 in Singapore?

I believe the biggest factor is that news and activities related to the upcoming general election have overshadowed warnings of the dangers of Covid-19, even as people infected with the coronavirus visit many public places and family clusters emerge.

Furthermore, the lack of congruence between the optimistic easing of the circuit breaker and the continued implementation of Dorscon (Disease Outbreak Response System Condition) orange promotes a false optimism that all is well in Singapore.

With the threat of Covid-19 not dying out soon, we should not let our guard down.

Before it is too late, it is best to reset our priorities, implement stern warnings and measures, and issue practical directives to control and prevent the spread of the coronavirus. With schools, restaurants and other places reopening in full swing, this is urgently needed.

As this deadly pandemic continues to create havoc and devastation in the world, it is not difficult to make the choice between lives and livelihoods.

Ho Ting Fei (Dr)

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