Forum: Shouldn't HK passengers be screened at airport?

The Straits Times reported that, as of Thursday, temperature checks would be carried out on all passengers on inbound flights from China (S'pore sets up task force to deal with Wuhan virus, Jan 23).

I applaud these measures. Given the global scale of the virus, it was only a matter of time before cases were going to show up in Singapore.

However, I was on an inbound flight from Hong Kong on Thursday evening, and noted with some surprise the lack of temperature checks on the passengers on my flight.

Hong Kong is very close to mainland China, and there are many residents of mainland China travelling to, from and through Hong Kong every day.

Indeed, Hong Kong now has two confirmed cases of the coronavirus and 38 suspected cases, though 21 patients have been discharged.

Surely Changi Airport should extend the temperature checks to include inbound flights from Hong Kong?

Lee Yue Lin

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